Would you do us a favor?

Would you consider putting a our logo on your flyer? By doing so you would be helping us...help you. If the answer is yes then please "right click" on the logo below and save onto your own desktop. From there you will be able to print it out and/or place it into your flyer artwork. Or as some of you have...place it in your website.

We want to thank many of you who suggested we offer this. You have been a great help in spreading the word about us. The more that know about us...the more we can help.


Use this for printed materal.

Right click on the image and
save to your desktop.

Use this for website links.

Right click on the image and
save to your desktop.


We trust you will use this appropriately and respect Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio. As they have respected your event.

It is restricted only to your printed car show events handouts or on your website. Please contact us if you have other great ideas.

Please drop us an email telling us where and/or how you are using it. comments@wisconsinhotrodradio.com


Please contact us if you require other sizes or shapes. We will try and accommodate your needs. After all...you are now helping us.

Send your needs to:


Thank you,

Captn Bob and Arlo