Swap Stuff Section

Whether you are looking to sell or looking to find something - Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio can help.

When you send us your information you get:

FREE announcement on the radio.
FREE posting on this website.
FREE listing on the WHRR newsletter.

Here's how it works:

Send us a description of what you are selling or looking for to either of these methods:

email us at: swapstuff@wisconsinhotrodradio.com
Attach a couple of photos of what you want to sale.


US Mail:
Wisconsin Hotrod Radio, LLC
P.O. Box 20944
Milwaukee, WI. 53220
If you are using the US mail method - please send us duplicates (your photos will not be returned).

Make sure you include your contact information, a complete description and asking price or price range you would consider.


Disclaimer, Wisconsin Hotrod Radio, LLC is not responsible for any information that is not accurate. Wisconsin Hotrod Radio, LLC does reserve the right not to air the announcement. Wisconsin Hotrod Radio, LLC is not responsible for any circumstances that might prevent this announcement from being aired.